• Works in many OTServers

    Kasteria OTBot works on many different servers like Askara.net, Ramonia, Dura-Online, Kingdom-Swap, Faloria.online, Realesta/Realera, TibiaScape.com, Souls of Elysium, TempesTibia, TibiaSwap and MUCH MORE!

    You can find all game-clients compatible with each Kasteria OTBot version in the release thread of each version in our Forum. But if you have any questions regarding compatibility, just send us a message!

  • User friendly

    Our interface is user-friendly, well-organized, making it easy to locate different tools and options!

  • From a Player to Players!

    Developed by a player who really understands the needs of the players.

  • Fast and Responsive

    Kasteria OTBot was built to be fast and responsive!